We create rich and engaging spatial environments centred on user experience. We work with every surface; explore diverse form and material; and play with colour, light, geometry and scale to create signature spaces.


We offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. . We offer design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.


We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We work with each client to create a home design unique to them and their property.

With Professional Standards

`` Build Your Dreams ``

We are a full service construction company that offers design and build services for your entire project from initial sketches to the final construction. We specialize in designing custom homes and renovations. We work with each client to create a home design unique to them and their property. Through a collaborative, studio-based methodology, we design, engage, and manage.


We provide a professional service which includes consultation, constructions, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.




Mission of Sigma Architecture is successfully realize the projects without ignoring environmental values and giving priority to its human resources in its offices, construction sites and associated facilities. In this sense, all of the projects we have performed in the past are the assurance of our future projects.

Our biggest value is to establish ever lasting and strong ties with our clients through the principle of highest customer satisfaction.



Sigma Onderhoud B.V. is aware that becoming one of the market’s constituents is achieved by targeting highest level of excellence starting from the finest details. Zero Mistake policy is both a goal and a success for Sigma Architecture. Those projects which are completed or undergoing by these principles is always questioned, reviewed and several solutions are developed to obtain better and more effective outcomes.


Offering sincere, reliable and professional services by strictly fulfilling all of our commitments and treating our customers, employees, partners and suppliers in an honest and respectful manner.


Each project of Sigma is able to meet various expectations through offering utmost quality. In our activities, high quality is continuously obtained through the usage of latest technology and management sciences. Standards of Sigma Architecture is based on internationally accepted procedures.